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K&E Plastics Custom Fabrication

K&E specializes in custom plastic fabrication of a wide range of materials including micarta phenolics, norplex, glass laminates and polyesters, vulcanized fibre, PVC, nylon, teflon, acrylics, lexan, plexiglas, Delrin, and many more. K&E also specializes in other forms of custom plastic fabrication using paper phenolic and glass laminate grades such as XX, CE, LE, FR-4, G-7, G-10 from major suppliers like Norplex®. We are a family owned business that focuses on quality of service and dedication to product excellence. The success of custom plastic fabrication depends directly on precision and attention to detail and we promise our customers top-quality parts.

K&E has serviced a variety of industries in custom plastic fabrication for over 47 years. We have customers in the electrical, mechanical, medical, transportation, aerospace, chemical, materials handling, computer, and power industries. We maintain a very capable and advanced manufacturing plant with the highest quality of CNC machining and milling equipment, so that our highly trained and skilled machinists are able to produce parts that meet your stringent standards.

At K&E we purchase only the finest materials available from companies such as Norplex – Micarta, Rochling (Glastic), Haysite, Quadrant, Westlake, Ensigner, Sustaplast, and many others. We machine on a regular basis paper, canvas and linen phenolics, glass laminates, polyesters, vulcanized fiber, PVC, nylon, Teflon, acrylics, polycarbonates, Delrin, polypropylenes, polyethylene’s, Ryton, Vespel, Semitron, and many more. We have the knowledge and equipment to machine any type of non-metallic material.

We not only machine thermosets and thermoplastics - K&E also provides related services including silk screening, rubber stamping, color filling, deburring, grinding, tumbling, polishing, painting, sandblasting, engraving, bending and forming. Our assembly services include installing terminals, inserts and pins and gluing parts within assemblies.

Our goal at K&E is to provide you with the utmost in service and product performance. We understand that your product's strength depends on the sum of its parts, and that the smallest error can ruin a concept. Let K&E fulfill your machining requirements.