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K&E Dust Collection System

The twelve CNC machines at KE Plastics required a United Air Specialist 18,000 CFM plant wide system to remove air borne plastic particles from machining operations. Plastic particles, unlike metal particles, can move through the air and adversely the operators, nearby machines and their finished plastic parts. The UAS Dust Collection System installed at KE Plastics also greatly increased machine operators productivity in that they now can clean their work surface in one third of the time as they had in the past. The increased productivity results in KE Plastics being more competitive in the bidding of machining plastic parts.

Custom UAS unit designed with extended dirty air plenum to handle all size of plastic particles.

Dust Collection EquipmentIn these energy conscious times the filtered warm air is returned and reused in the plastic machining plant. An unplanned benefit of the new dust collection system is the reduced air noise to below 80 decibels. Maintenance of the system takes far less time due to the “Quick Seal” release doors that allow fast cartridge filter removal. The removal of the full 55 gallon storage drums now take minutes versus hours as it did in the past.