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Electronic Data Interchange

The use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows K&E to use customers’ electronic CAD drawings for the manufacturing process. We find that more and more of our customers are using CAD software and are comfortable with electronically sending the data. Usually, part drawings can be sent as email attachments. Most CAD formats can be read by and translated for use with MasterCam X and SolidWorks, our CNC programming software. The drawings can be used in MasterCam and SolidWorks to lay out and time the operations required, enhancing the quoting process. The use of electronic drawings saves our programmers from having to input a part manually. So time is saved and the chances for mistakes are dramatically reduced. The following is a detailed list of MasterCam file extensions we can accept.

The following is a detailed list of MasterCam file extensions we can accept.

ACIS Kernal SAT Files (*.SAT; *.SAB)
Alibre Design Files (*.AD_PRT; *.AD_SMP)
All Mastercam Files (*.MCX-5; *.MCX; *.MC9; *.MC8)
ASCII files (*.TXT; *.CSV; *.DOC)
AutoCAD Files (*.DWG; *.DXF; .*DWF)
Autodesk Inventor Drawing Files (*.IDW)
Autodesk Inventor Files (*.IPT; *.IAM)
Cadkey CDL Files (*.CDL)
Catia V4 Files (*.MODEL; *.EXP)
Catia V5 Files (*.CATPART; *.CATProduct)
HPGL Plotter Files (*.PLT)
IGES Files (*.IGS; *.IGES)
Key Creator Files (*.CKD)
Mastercam pre-X5 Files (*.MCX)
Mastercam V8 Files (*.MC8)
Mastercam V9 Files (*.MC9)
Mastercam X5 Files (*.MCX-5)
Parasolid Files (*.X_T; *.X_B; *.XMT_TXT)
PostScript Files (*.EPS; *.AI; *.PS)
Rhino 3D Files (*.3DM)
Solid Edge files (*.PAR; *.PSM; *.ASM)
SolidWorks Drawing Files (*.SLDDRW)
SolidWorks Files (*.SLDPRT; *.SLDASM)
SpaceClaim Files (*.SCDOC)
STEP Files (*.STP; *.STEP)
StereoLithography Files (*.STL)
Unigraphics/NX Files (*.PRT)
VDA Files (*.VDA)

The following is a detailed list of SolidWorks file extensions we can accept.

SolidWorks Files (*.sldprt; *.sldasm)
Part (.*prt; *.sldprt)
Assembly (*.asm; *.sldasm)
Drawing (*.drw; *.slddrw)
DXF (*.dxf)
DWG (*.dwg)
Adobe Photoshop Files (*.psd)
Adobe Illustrator Files (*.ai)
Lib Feat Part (*.lfp; *.sldlfp)
Template (*.prtdot; *.asmdot; *.drwdot)
Parasolid (*.x_t; *.x_b; *.xmt_txt; *xmt_bin)
IGES (*.igs; *.iges)
STEP AP/203/214 (*.step; *.stp)
IFC 2x3 (*.ifc)
ACIS (*.sat)
VDAFS (*.vda)
VRML (*.wrl)
STL (*.stl)
CATIA Graphics (*.cgr)
ProE Part (*.prt; *.prt.*; *.xpr)
ProE Assembly (*.asm; *.asm.*; *xas)
Unigraphics (*.prt)
Inventor Part (*.ipt)
Inventor Assembly (*.iam)
Solid Edge Part (*.par; *.psm)
Solid Edge Assembly (*.asm)
CADKEY (*.prt; *.ckd)
Add-Ins (*.dll)
IDF (*.emn; *.brd; *.bdf; *.idb)
Rhino (*.3dm)