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Glass Epoxy Laminates Machining Services, NEMA G-10, FR-4, G-11 FR-5

Glass-Epoxy Laminates are continuous woven glass fabric impregnated with epoxy resin. These materials exhibit outstanding electrical characteristics and dimensional stability primarily because water absorption is virtually non-existent. The FR Grades contain bromine to make them fire-retardant, while G-10 and G-11 do not. Therefore, FR-4 can be substitutes for G-10 in most cases, but G-10 cannot be safely substituted for FR-4. (Many suppliers have gotten into the bad habit of referencing material as G-10/FR-4, where it is technically FR-4. G-10 is not normally a stock item.) G-11 and FR-5 have higher operating temperature and improved strength at higher temperatures than G-10 and FR-4. These materials are normally light green in color and come as sheets, tubes and rods.

Glass-Epoxy Laminates Properties

Properties NEMA grade
resin binder
FR4 glass~
FR5 glass~
epoxy HT
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lengthwise, PSI 40,000 40,000
crosswise, PSI 35,000 35,000
flatwise, PSI 35,000 35,000
edgewise, PSI 60,000 60,000
lengthwise, PSI 55,000 55,000
crosswise, PSI 45,000 45,000
lengthwise, PSI x 106 2.7 2.7
crosswise, PSI x 106 .2. 2.2
Shear Strength, PSI 19,000 19,000
flatwise, ft lb per inch of notch 7 7
edgewise, ft lb per inch of notch 5.5 5.5
Rockwell Hardness M scale 110 110
Specific Gravity 1.82 1.82
cm/cm/ deg C x 10 -5 .9 .9
.062" thick, % per 24 hrs 0.25 0.25
.125" thick, % per 24 hrs 0.15 0.15
.500" thick, % per 24 hrs 0.10 0.10
.062" thick 500 500
.125" thick 400 400
condition A, 1 megacycle 0.025 0.025
condition A, 1 megacycle 5.2 5.2
96 hours at 90%
relative humidity
(in mega ohms)
200,000 200,000
Underwriter Labs, Classification 94V-0 94V-0
Bond Strength, in lbs 2,000 1,600
Approximate degrees F 285 300
sheet mil spec:
Mil-I-24768 / _ _
27 28
types GEE-F GEB-F *