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K&E Machines all Types of Plastic

K&E Plastic has the equipment and to machine all type of thermoset plastics (which do not melt) and thermoplastics (plastics which will melt at certain temperatures). We have developed a good understanding of tooling and machining rates from over 40-years in the business. We can machine thermoplastics, which are easily machined. We can also machine the more abrasive industrial phenolic laminates and GPO-3 – where our computerized dust collection comes into play – and the high-end specialty grades of plastic.

Industrial Laminates and Fiberglass-reinforced Polyesters

K&E Plastics works extensively with the Industrial laminate family of materials, also called composites, which includes phenolic resin laminates and glass-reinforced resin laminates. These materials are dense and strong and stand up to heat. They are extremely durable, lightweight and moisture-resistant. The largest markets for parts made from these materials are the electric and electronics industries where their reliable insulating properties are paramount. They are also found in parts for appliance, automotive, aviation and transportation applications to name just a few. The laminate materials that K&E uses always meet NEMA specifications. They are available in sheet form as well as tube and rod shapes.

The fiberglass-reinforced polyesters are often referred to as “Glastic®” for one of the primary manufacturers of the material. K&E does purchase extensively from GlasticŪ, but not exclusively, as we never want to “put all our eggs in one basket.” All of our polyester materials meet NEMA specification and K&E Quality Control standards.

NEMA grade GPO-3 is by far the most common of the glass-reinforced polyester laminates. Sheets are usually red, but can be black or white as well. Available in a range of thick nesses form 1/32 to 2-1/2 or more this sheet material has superior electrical and mechanical properties. GPO-3 parts are extensively used in the transit, power generation and electronics industries. In addition to sheets, this material comes in rod and dogbone shapes, angles and channels.

Thermoset Laminate Grades

K&E machines these rugged and dependable materials. Many plastics machine shops prefer not to get involved with these laminates as they are tough on tools and require excellent shoproom dust collection. K&E is always refining its tooling for work with these materials and we recently upgraded our dust collection to a state-of-the-art, computerized system. We pride ourselves on the parts we make with these outstanding plastics.

Thermoset Plastic Laminates are uniformly dense and structurally strong materials that will not soften appreciably under the reapplication of heat. They are extremely durable plastics that are lightweight and moisture resistant. Industrial laminates are thermoset resin impregnated reinforcing materials (paper, cotton fabric, glass fabric, etc.) that are cured under heat and pressure to form solid shapes having high mechanical and electrical insulating properties. Laminates are available in sheet, rod, tube, and angle. Since laminates are comprised of a combination of materials, they are also referred to as composites.