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Other Industrial Laminates, NEMA G-5/G-9, G-7

G-5 and G-9 are composed of a continuous woven glass cloth base impregnated with melamine resin, which is the hardest, most rigid and abrasion resistant of the resins used for industrial laminates. They are normally gray in color and exhibit good dimensional stability and arc resistance. However, prolonged exposure to elevated temperature can adversely affect these industrial laminates' mechanical and electrical properties. G-9 is the more resistant to environmental conditions of these 2 grades. G-7 is also composed of a continuous woven glass cloth base, but with a silicone resin binder. G-7 has excellent heat and arc resistance, so it is used for electronic parts exposed to high temperature.


Properties NEMA grade
resin binder
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lengthwise, PSI 37,000 23,000
crosswise, PSI 30,000 18,000
flatwise, PSI 70,000 45,000
edgewise, PSI 25,000 14,000
lengthwise, PSI 55,000 23,000
crosswise, PSI 35,000 20,000
lengthwise, PSI x 106 2.5 1.4
crosswise, PSI x 106 2.0 1.2
Shear Strength, PSI 20,000 17,000
flatwise, ft lb per inch of notch 12 8.5
edgewise, ft lb per inch of notch 8 7.5
Rockwell Hardness M scale 120 100
Specific Gravity 1.9 1.68
cm/cm/ deg C x 10 -5 1 1
.062" thick, % per 24 hrs 0.8 0.3
.125" thick, % per 24 hrs 0.7 0.2
.500" thick, % per 24 hrs 0.4 0.15
.062" thick 400 400
.125" thick 350 350
condition A, 1 megacycle 0.017 0.003
condition A, 1 megacycle 7.12 4.2
96 hours at 90%
relative humidity
(in mega ohms)
10,000 200,000
Underwriter Labs, Classification 94V-0 94V-0
Bond Strength, in lbs 1,700 650
Approximate degrees F 285 465
sheet mil spec:
Mil-I-24768 / _ _
1 17
types GME GSG