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Gabbiani Galaxy 125 PLM Panel Saw

Precisely Machined Plastic Parts Every Time

Galaxy 125PLMK&E Plastics uses a Gabbiani Galaxy 125 PLM Panel Saw, one of a family of saws created specifically for the plastics industry. Many machined plastic parts start out as blanks cut from larger sheets of material. In the past, the precision and quality of saw-cuts necessitated further machining to clean up the cuts and bring the blank length and width into tolerance. With the Galaxy 125 PLM, depending on the material being used, the cuts can be so precise and smooth that the additional milling can be reduced or eliminated, saving both time and money.

The Galaxy 125 PLM can handle material up to 10-1/2 x 10-1/2 ft x 4.5 inches thick. Three front-loading air tables make it easy for the operator to load and stack material. The high-speed rack and pinion saw carriage and the pusher beam are driven by brushless A/C motors. The pusher has 9 grippers that automatically position heavy stacks for each cut. The cutting table is specifically designed for chip-free cutting of even the thinnest plastics like styrene and polycarbonate. There are rear phenolic table supports that support narrow strips for crosscutting. The Gabbiani 125PLM can handle pretty much any plastic material that comes its way.

The Galaxy 125 PLM has a 24 hp motor turning the 16-1/2 inch saw blades at variable speeds up to 3,500 rpm. The saw features pneumatic quick blade changing; no wrench required. Gabbiani has worked with blade engineers to develop blades designed specifically for different types of thermosets and thermoplastics.

The Galaxy 125 PLM is controlled by advanced Windows® software. The program is designed to optimize the use of material. It also maintains a database of cutting parameters for different plastics and specific programs for individual parts. The software provides on-screen self-diagnostics as it constantly monitors all functions of the machine, reporting trouble as soon as it occurs along with instructions on how to fix any problem. This feature practically eliminates downtime.

Many of K&E's customers have a need for parts that are sawed to size only -- with no additional machining. Insulation panels and strips, shims and supports are the types of parts that are sawed. Or sometimes our customers have a need for specific raw material blanks. The Galaxy 125 PLM is so fast and precise that we can get most “saw-only” jobs out in about a week or less.


Saw Diameter 16"
Arbor Diameter N/A
90° Max. Depth of Cut 125 mm – 4.92 “
45° Max. Depth of Cut N/A
Max. Width of Dado N/A
Guide Rail Length N/A
Table Height N/A
Table Size 10’ 6” X 10’ 6”
Spindle Speed 3,800 RPM
Motor (230 V) 30 HP

Lobo TS-1616 Model MBS-400 16” Table Saw

SPECIFICATIONSLobo Table Saw Model 1616

Saw Diameter 12" to 16"
Arbor Diameter 1"
90° Max. Depth of Cut 6"
45° Max. Depth of Cut 4¼"
Max. Width of Dado 13/16"
Guide Rail Length 72"
Table Height 34"
Table Size 48" x 38"
Spindle Speed 3750 RPM
Motor (230 V) 10 HP, 3 PH