Shop Technology

Shop Technology

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Technology Saves Time

From start to finish, K&E Plastics is committed to keeping all work processes streamlined to keep costs under control, errors to a minimum and to insure that delivery dates are met. Towards that end, the company has invested in equipment and software designed to improve the flow of work from the office … to the shop floor … to the shipping department.

Part of K&E’s effort involves the judicious use of technology which begins with a state-of-the-art computer network and broadband internet access.

  • We can work with most CAD formats, so electronically delivered drawings can be used for both quoting and manufacturing,
  • Our jobshop software starts with the quotes and produces the job routing travelers;
  • K&E’s CAM software produces the most efficient and cost effective programs for each of our CNC machines;
  • Each step of the manufacturing process is tracked through barcode input at each work area;
  • Our Quality Department utilizes video metrology for exacting and efficient inspection of parts with the parameters saved for repeat orders;
  • The K&E shipping department is directly tied to package delivery and truck shipments through internal software and the internet.