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August 8, 2018

For immediate release:

Kaman Composites Vermont, K&E Plastics and Hale Mountain Research are pleased to announce a fast track CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) Training Program in conjunction with the Southwest Vermont Career Development Center in Bennington, VT. The CNC Training Program will consist of 30 hours of training over a span of 5 weeks. The initial phase of the training will be dedicated to existing employees in order to enhance their skill set and earnings potential. Once the training for existing employees is complete, the CNC Training Program will open enrollment to the general public.  Moreover, upon successful completion of the training program for general public students, each student will be afforded an interview for an advanced manufacturing position with at least one of the participating companies. The basic elements of the training include: blue print reading, measuring, machine operations, set up, G code, quality control and safety.

The companies are collaborating with the Vermont Department of Economic Development to assist employers with funding for future classes through the Vermont Training Program.

“Access to skilled labor is the single biggest challenge K&E Plastics faces as we identify new growth opportunities”, said Eric Broderson , President of K&E Plastics ” It is self- defeating from a community perspective if local companies are poaching employees from each other. A more sustainable approach is to grow the pool of skilled labor interested in a career in advanced manufacturing and we are optimistic that the CNC Training Program can do that over time. These are jobs that pay a living wage and offer benefits such as health care insurance, retirement accounts, tuition reimbursement and paid vacation”.”

“I’m excited for this program to start for a few reasons.  First, and most importantly; it’s a great opportunity for people in our community to learn a trade that’s in demand, pays well, and has opportunities to learn more and grow.  Second, it’s an opportunity for my company and several other businesses in the area to train our valued employees and potentially bring some new faces into our organizations.  Finally, it’s one of many new projects that people have been working on to make Bennington County’s economy stronger and healthier”, said James Salerno, Founder, Hale Mountain Research.

Mark Withrow, Vice President and General Manager of Kaman Composites Structures, US states “The proper training and development for our workforce is of the highest priority at Kaman Composites Vermont.  We identified a critical gap in our development processes which needed closure immediately.  By establishing this partnership with K + E Plastics, Hale Mountain Research and Southwestern Vermont Career Development Center, our employees, our company and the State of Vermont all benefit.”

“Each year the CDC looks to enroll “non-traditional” students in both daytime and evening classes.  Non-traditional includes enrolling female students in programs that are primarily male dominated. I look forward to promoting this opportunity to all students in the hopes that there is an increased interest from non-traditional students and that that interest trickles down into our high school programs’, said Meg Honsinger, Assistant Director, Career Development Center.

For more information, contact:

Peter Odierna

Marketing and Government Relations

K&E Plastics


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