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  • K&E Plastics 2nd Quarter 2020 Newsletter

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K&E Plastics hopes this newsletter finds you and your team doing well.

All things considered, things are going well at K&E Plastics. As a manufacturer of critical plastic parts, K&E Plastics has been operational during the covid-19 pandemic. Thankfully, Southern Vermont has not been a hot spot for the virus and all K&E employees and their families are safe and healthy.

As noted in the photo , K&E Plastics is adhering to all CDC guidelines regarding containing the virus and we are hopeful that the work on vaccines and therapeutics will help bring this crisis to a close sooner rather than later.

Moreover, businesses in Southern Vermont are now allowed to accept visitors so long as hand hygiene, mask wearing and social distancing are adhered to. If anyone has an interest in visiting K&E Plastics, please let me or Eric know.


News and Notes


CMMC– K&E Plastics is on track for CMMC level 3 compliance by the end of the year. Special thanks for VT PTAC and Cross Timbers (TX) PTAC for their assistance.

AS 9100– Once K&E Plastics is CMMC level 3 compliant, the AS 9100 certification will be next on the list for K&E Plastics.

HUBZone– K&E Plastics has qualified for a 10 year extension for our HUBZone certification. This will be confirmed when K&E Plastics completes our annual re-certification later this year.

Workforce– K&E Plastics is pleased to be hosting a local high school student for a fall co-op. Marshal is a fine young man who has an interest in a career in advanced manufacturing. K&E Plastics is appreciative of providing this opportunity to Marshal as it furthers our goal of adding young technicians to our workforce.

Welcome Aboard– Not withstanding the covid-19 lockdown, K&E Plastics has been fortunate to on-board a number of cool new customers recently including:

  • An aerospace company that manufactures electric airplanes
  • A semiconductor company that provides cutting edge chips for the advanced electronics industry
  • A dynamic small business that performs work for a large DOD prime contractor.


K&E Plastics values the relationship of all our customers and we look forward to building these relationships for the long term.


About K&E Plastics

K&E Plastics is a leader in the machining of plastics and non-metallic parts for the aerospace, electrical, medical, utility, semiconductor and defense industries. The company was formed in 1966 in New Jersey by Peter Broderson and relocated to Vermont in 1985. The company is now led by Eric Broderson and is located in the Morse Industrial Park in Bennington, Vermont.