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2nd Quarter Newsletter

K&E Plastics

Bennington, VT


We  Make Cool Stuff

K&E Plastics was pleased to be a participating member in the Advanced Manufacturing Forum themed   “We Make Cool Stuff” which took place in early April. K&E Plastics was joined by NSK Steering System America, Mack Molding, Kaman Composites of Vermont and Hale Mountain Research. The forum highlighted the cutting edge manufacturing being conducted in Bennington County, VT.  From complex aerospace structures, parts for a nuclear submarine to mission critical parts for the automobile industry, the forum was able to spotlight on the cool stuff being manufactured in Southwest Vermont. More importantly, the forum members highlighted the private/public partnership with our education partners which provides the skills necessary in order to have a meaningful career in manufacturing. K&E is pleased to be working with Mount Anthony High School, Southwest Vermont Career Development Center, Community College of Vermont and Hudson Valley  Community College. If anyone would like a video copy of the forum, please let K&E know.

K&E  Promotional Video

Check out the K&E Plastics promotional video below ( it’s only 40 seconds).  The video is something that K&E Plastics has been entertaining for some time. Instead of going with a private video production company, K&E worked with our local access television station. Thanks to Mike C from Catamount TV for producing the video.

Do Not Water Jet Your Plastic Parts

K&E Plastics has been approached by several companies recently detailing their frustrations getting precise plastic  parts from their current suppliers. The common theme is  water jetting plastics, generally speaking,  is not a good mix. Water jetting laminated plastics can lead to delamination  which can result in rejected parts. Moreover, some abrasives used in water jetting can run the risk of cross contamination in a finished plastic part.

Waterjet machines also impact humidity and this can impact certain types of plastics when tight tolerances are required.

K&E Plastics preferred method is nesting the parts in a router. This will result in parts with tighter tolerances and better finishes.

News and Notes

K&E Plastics would like to welcome our newest hires, Tanner and Tiffany, to our team. Tanner is a recent graduate from Hudson Valley Community College. Tiffany brings a strong manufacturing background to K&E.  Welcome aboard.

All the kinks have been worked out on our new dust collection system. This new system will enhance K&E Plastics world class competitive position in machining glass laminates.

Our partnership with InspectionXpert, has allowed K&E Plastics to simplify the user interface that provided a more accurate and complete first article inspection data package into a single inspection report. This interface eliminates the human error of entering data results that’s provided by our CMMs. InspectionXpert support group is world class team that helps K&E Plastics to be the same.

About K&E Plastics

K&E Plastics is a leader in the machining of plastics and non-metallic parts for the aerospace, electrical, medical, utility, automotive and defense industries. The company was formed in 1966 in New Jersey by Peter Broderson and relocated to Vermont in 1985. The company is now led by Eric Broderson and is located in the Morse Industrial Park in Bennington, Vermont.