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K&E uses MasterCam and Solid Works. We are able to work with the following file extensions:
ACIS Kernal SAT Files (*.SAT; *.SAB)
Alibre Design Files (*.AD_PRT; *.AD_SMP)
All Mastercam Files (*.MCX-5; *.MCX; *.MC9; *.MC8)
ASCII files (*.TXT; *.CSV; *.DOC)
AutoCAD Files (*.DWG; *.DXF; .*DWF)
Autodesk Inventor Drawing Files (*.IDW)
Autodesk Inventor Files (*.IPT; *.IAM)
Cadkey CDL Files (*.CDL)
Catia V4 Files (*.MODEL; *.EXP)
Catia V5 Files (*.CATPART; *.CATProduct)
HPGL Plotter Files (*.PLT)
IGES Files (*.IGS; *.IGES)
Key Creator Files (*.CKD)
Mastercam pre-X5 Files (*.MCX)
Mastercam V8 Files (*.MC8)
Mastercam V9 Files (*.MC9)
Mastercam X5 Files (*.MCX-5)
Parasolid Files (*.X_T; *.X_B; *.XMT_TXT)
PostScript Files (*.EPS; *.AI; *.PS)
Rhino 3D Files (*.3DM)
Solid Edge files (*.PAR; *.PSM; *.ASM)
SolidWorks Drawing Files (*.SLDDRW)
SolidWorks Files (*.SLDPRT; *.SLDASM)
SpaceClaim Files (*.SCDOC)
STEP Files (*.STP; *.STEP)
StereoLithography Files (*.STL)
Unigraphics/NX Files (*.PRT)
VDA Files (*.VDA)

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