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1st Quarter 2019 Newsletter


New Dust Collection System



K&E Plastics is pleased to announce the successful installation of our 2nd dust collection system to the shop floor. This 18,000 CFM system was custom designed for the unique needs of K&E Plastics and was installed over a 2 week period in mid-to-late March.

“This system is a big deal for K&E Plastics as it increases our capacity utilization by approximately 30%”, said Eric Broderson, President of K&E Plastics. “ K&E Plastics has had a couple of strong years in a row and our existing dust collection system was at it’s capacity. This new system gives us the runway to grow new and existing relationships”

CNC Training

The CNC Training Program at the local tech center continues to gather momentum. 2 employees of K&E Plastics just completed the Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerances (GD&T) instruction. “As we get closer to the end of the school year, we are hopeful that the local high school kids will express an interest in a career in advanced manufacturing and the training programs we have in place”’ said Eric Broderson, President of K&E Plastics. “ We have a great workforce at K&E but would like to see a younger composition at K&E as some of our most senior technicians are flirting with retirement”

We Make Cool Stuff

K&E Plastics is pleased to be a participating member in the Advanced Manufacturing Public Forum themed “ We Make Cool Stuff”. K&E Plastics along with 4 other local manufactures will be highlighting the high quality  advanced manufacturing jobs in Southwest Vermont and the training programs and platforms in place to support those jobs on April 3rd from 4:00-6:00 at the Bennington Firehouse. Stay tuned for more details.


From K&E Plastics Quality Department

Data not Drama – Data-driven manufacturing indicates that decisions controlling the manufacturing process should be based on facts, not guesses or opinions. Driving manufacturing with data promotes integration and coherence across manufacturing work centers and support groups.


K&E Plastics has been on the border line of six sigma for the past two years. For 2017, our sigma for delivered products was 5.47, 2018 was 5.52, and for 2019-Q1 our sigma is 5.56. This is a fact not an opinion.  As we implement the principles of Lean Six Sigma, it is our goal to reach sigma 5.7 by 2019-Q4.


About K&E Plastics

K&E Plastics is a leader in the manufacturing of plastics and non-metallic parts for the aerospace, electrical, medical, utility, automotive and defense industries. The company was formed in 1966 in New Jersey by Peter Broderson and relocated to Vermont in 1985. The company is now led by Eric Broderson and is located in the Morse Industrial Park in Bennington, Vermont.