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K&E Plastics 3rd Quarter 2019 Newsletter

New Energy Technologies

K&E Plastics is pleased to be seeing greater visibility machining plastic parts for new energy technologies such as fuel cells, electronic vehicles, hydroelectric  and battery storage. These new technologies are often complex systems with a high degree of engineering content. As a result, many of these new projects K&E Plastics are working on require a high degree of machining complexity , which is a strength of K&E Plastics so we are excited about the trends in this space going forward.

Follow K&E Plastics on Linkedin

Check out K&E Plastics new and improved Linkedin page. Linkedin is proving to be a valuable resource for K&E Plastics as the company is leveraging the platform to post updates on our efforts to develop a next generation workforce for the benefit of our clients. K&E Plastics also has a number of technical posts on Linkedin which inform fellow users about our unique machining capabilities.


Gene F. Haas Center for Advanced Manufacturing Skills

K&E Plastics was pleased to be invited to the ribbon cutting of the Gene F. Haas Center for Advanced Manufacturing Skills at Hudson Valley Community College last month. The advanced manufacturing program at HVCC  has always been a wonderful resource for local manufacturers as all the team leaders at K&E Plastics are graduates from HVCC. This new center at HVCC will be an extraordinary asset to the entire Northeast and K&E Plastics is fortunate to be so close.

Machining Glass Laminates.

Check out the delivery of G10 raw material K&E Plastics recently received. Many machine shops do not like working with glass laminates such as G10 and FR4. From a machining perspective, the glass laminates are prone to de-lamination if you do not have the experienced machinists needed for these types of materials.

Moreover, machining the glass laminates results in an abrasive dust that can be problematic if you do not have the proper ventilation systems. K&E Plastics has a dual dust collection systems with each of our air handlers moving 18,000 CFM of air that connect all 28 of our machine stations.

The combination of our highly skilled machinists and state-of-the-art dust collection system makes K&E Plastics a leader in the machining of glass laminates such as G10 and FR4.

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About K&E Plastics

K&E Plastics is a leader in the machining of plastics and non-metallic parts for the aerospace, electrical, medical, utility, semiconductor and defense industries. The company was formed in 1966 in New Jersey by Peter Broderson and relocated to Vermont in 1985. The company is now led by Eric Broderson and is located in the Morse Industrial Park in Bennington, Vermont.