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Precision Plastic Machining News from K&E Plastics

New HAAS® Rotary Table delivered

With more complex parts to machine, K&E Plastics has taken delivery of a new Haas HRT 210 Rotary Table to enhance the CNC Milling capability of their plastic machining plant. The specifications are platter diameter 8.3 inches, six T slots, indexing speed .001 to 100 degrees per second, through bore of 2.000 inches and a maximum runout of .0005.

K&E Plastics purchases a new HAAS® ST-30 BB™ Lathe

The new CNC lathe will increase the plants lathe capacity to 4.625 inches bar capacity thru the spindle. The max turning capacity is 21" x 26" (533 x 660 mm). It features a 31.75" (806 mm) swing with a 30 hp (22.4 kW) vector drive. Turning at a max of 3400 rpm, the 15 inch chuck works in conjunction with a 12 station bolt-on turret. The operator utilizes a 15” color LCD monitor, memory lock keyswitch and USB port.

K&E Plastics moving into new headquarters in Bennington

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Posted:   05/11/2013 01:00:00 AM EDT
Saturday May 11, 2013
Senior Staff Writer

BENNINGTON -- A local manufacturing firm is in the process of moving its operations from Arlington to Bennington in a bid to expand.

K&E Plastics, a contract machine shop, is setting up its new location at the Morse Industrial Park in Bennington, according to owner Eric Broderson. The company had outgrown its location and could no longer expand there, he said.

"The main goal was obviously to continue to grow. Up in Arlington we were sardines in a tin can, meaning we were just out of room. What made us look at this building and coming to Bennington was pretty much cost," Broderson said.

Broderson said it was too expensive for K&E to construct its own space. But the building on Morse Road was available for rent. The 35,000-square-foot building that will now house the company is about three times bigger than its Arlington location, according to Bennington County Industrial Corp. Executive Director Peter Odierna, who helped facilitate the move.

The company makes nonmetallic components primarily for the aerospace, defense and medical industries. Finding a location in the area to expand was important, Broderson said, so he could maintain his current workforce.

"We wanted to stick local because we have a good work force. All of my employees are from around here and I didn't want to get too far away where I would lose some of my employees," he said. "These are high-precision, skilled-labor jobs."

There are currently 24 people employed by K&E. Broderson said that number will likely rise in the future as the company settles into its new location. "We are looking for growth. We are expecting growth," he said.

He said the company has seen business slowly growing and that trend is expected to continue.

"Manufacturing is still in a growth stage. It’s about .5 percent, but it's growth. In 2013, from what I've been able to read, I think we're expecting a good year," Broderson said.

Odierna said K&E was able to weather the economic downturn and is now poised to thrive in its new space.

"The company has been growing nicely, even in this, what I call Goldilocks economy -- not too hot, not too cold," he said. "This gives them the opportunity to leverage growth opportunities in a footprint that’s much bigger."

K&E Plastics buys property; expanding into Bennington

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Posted:   12/28/2012 01:00:00 AM EST
Friday December 28, 2012
Staff Writer

BENNINGTON -- An East Arlington manufacturer has purchased vacant property in the Morse Industrial Park that will allow it to expand operations.

K&E Plastics Inc. Vice President Eric Broderson said if all goes according to plan, the business will move out of its current 12,500-square-foot location in May and into the 32,000-square-foot Bennington facility that was formerly the Miller Structures Building.

"We've outgrown our building that we're in," Broderson said.

Broderson said the manufacturer that works with nonmetallic materials has been looking to expand in this region, in order to retain its 24 full-time employees without putting a great commuting burden on them. The company had considered adding on to its East Arlington location where it has been since 1999 or building new construction elsewhere but determined those options were not cost effective.

Plastics machining

"It was not conducive to building where we are here -- based on the land layout and usable space it wasn't functionally cost effective -- so we decided instead of adding on to where we are to relocate," he said.

K&E has specialized in plastics machining for nearly 50 years, serving both individuals and some of the largest companies in the world. K&E creates custom plastic parts for aerospace, automotive, communication, elevator, medical, military, power-generation, sporting goods, and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) markets.

A lot of renovations such as mold removal, electrical work, creating new offices, carpeting and other upgrades must be done before K&E will be able to move into the Morse Industrial Park facility. Once relocated the larger facility will provide the foundation for K&E to expand existing relationships and develop new clients in the core markets the company serves.

Bennington County Industrial Corp. Executive Director Peter Odierna said the relocation reaffirms BCIC's strategy of retaining and expanding local businesses.

Michael Harrington, Bennington economic and community development director, said the addition of K&E to Bennington's list of manufacturers is a positive sign for the town.

"The decision by K&E Plastics to move its manufacturing operation to Bennington is a byproduct of the hard work done by BCIC. I'm encouraged by this recent news and believe that this addition to our industrial portfolio will help continue our mission to position Bennington as the economic center for the region," he said.

K&E is a family-owned company founded by Broderson's father in New Jersey in 1966. The company moved to East Dorset in the mid-1980s and about 15 years later moved south to East Arlington.

K&E Adds Haas® SL-20™ Lathe

K&E has added a Haas® SL-20™ Lathe to its arsenal of machining centers. The SL-20, with a max turning capacity of 10.3" x 20" and an 8.3" chuck, has a bar capacity of up to 2.0".

Haas high-performance turning centers also feature massive headstock castings with symmetric ribs for rigidity and thermal stability; on-the-fly wye-delta switching for peak performance throughout the rpm range; and embedded chip trays and high-volume coolant systems for efficient chip removal.

The Haas control features advanced tool management, single-button features, 15-inch color LCD monitor and a USB port. Haas has raised CNC turning to new levels of reliability, ease and productivity. Made in the USA.

New Haas® GR-510™ Gantry Router

K&E Plastics replaced its oldest gantry router with the Haas® GR-510™, featuring 121" x 61" x 11" travels and a powerful 40-taper milling head.

Its 15,000-rpm spindle and powerful 15-hp vector drive system provide the power and speed to cut all types of plastics. A 10-pocket automatic tool changer is standard.

The GR-510 provides a very stable platform for heavy cutting due to its rigid steel construction. The machine's 5' x 10' fixed table provides plenty of support for large and/or heavy sheet goods, from industrial laminates to polycarbonate and acrylics. The gantry assembly travels the full length of the table on heavy-duty linear guides for low friction and extreme accuracy. Powerful brushless servo motors and high-pitch ballscrews combine to produce rapids up to 2,100 inches-per-minute for reduced cycle times and customer cost savings.

The Haas GR-510 is fitted with a Vac-u-lok Vacuum table, allowing maximum flexibility for milling all sides of parts without troublesome clamp changes.

And, as always, Haas machines are made in the USA.

Optical Gaging Products SmartScope® Flash™ 500

K&E Brings Video Metrology to Quality Control

The OGP SmartScope® Flash™ 500 provides high precision video measurement with outstanding software control. K&E is adding this outstanding system to its arsenal of inspection equipment in the Quality Control department. The Flash™ 500 features a bridge-type support structure for optical stability. A working area of 20 x 18 x 8 (z-axis) inches, DC servo motors with 3-axis joystick control and superior 3D software for control.

K&E Installs Gabbiani Galaxy PLM 125 Panel Saw

Galaxy 125PLM

One of K&E Plastics' more recent acquisitions is a Gabbiani Galaxy PLM 125 Panel Saw, one of a family of saws created specifically for the plastics industry. The saw can handle material up to 10-1/2 by 10-1/2 ft and thickness up to 4.9 inches.

The Galaxy 125 utilizes sophisticated gripper and pusher technology allowing for quick cycle times and precise cuts. This saw is controlled by advanced software that optimizes the use of material and maintains a database of cutting parameters both for different plastics as well as customer parts.

K&E Plastics Adds Haas (USA) Vertical Machining Centers


Our newest Haas – the Haas Super VF-2™ – is a solid vertical machining center built entirely from American-made cast iron components. It features 30" x 16" x 20" (762 x 406 x 508 mm) xyz travel.

The Haas Super VF-2™ is a reliable and accurate small-footprint VMC with a direct drive spindle driven to 12000 RPM by a 20 hp vector Dual-Drive (Y-Delta) motor. The high-speed tool changer has a 20-tool capacity. Like every Haas machine, the VF-2 represents years of ongoing refinement. It is a valuable component on the K&E shop room floor.

K&E also has a Haas VF-3 – with a 40 x 20 table capacity, 20-tool high-speed electronic tool changer and direct-drive 12.000-RPM spindle. It is a solid, fast machine that can turn out top quality part after part, meeting stringent tolerance demands.

K&E has also recently added 2 Haas Super Mini-Mills for efficient production of tight-tolerance smaller parts. These two capable workhorses feature 16 x 12 blank capacity, high-speed spindles and rapid tool changing.

Stockroom Addition

K&E has recently opened the doors to its new storage wing. By moving raw material and stock parts into this addition, we have cleared our work floor for more machines and better traffic flow, along with gaining more overall storage capacity.

High Tech Dust Collection

This is not your father's dust collector! K&E has updated our old bag-type dust collection system with a state-of-the-art, computerized, high-power cartridge filter system from United Air Specialists We machine some of the more abrasive materials such as GPO-3 fiberglass-reinforced polyester – Glastic® is a well-known brand -- and the industrial laminates like FR-4 (epoxy-glass), XX (phenolic-paper) and CE (phenolic-fabric) from Norplex-Micarta® and others. Because of these materials and our overall increase in machining capacity, we have replaced our old bag-type dust collector. View the K&E Case Study

Job Shop Software for K&E Plastics

K&E recently converted its database to the Shoptech E2 Job Shop software. This all-inclusive package covers everything from quoting to invoicing and includes real-time reporting from the shop floor. Over the next few months as we bring the different elements of the software “online” our customers should expect to see fewer and fewer hand-written faxes coming their way!

Croquet Markers for Sale

Colored Croquet Wicket Markers

K&E's only consumer product was developed by its founder, a serious Croquet Player. These brightly colored, acrylic wicket markers are made with strong magnets which allow for easy on-off functionality. Available in sets of 4, solid or striped, the markers have received rave reviews from players all across the country. Club discounts are available.